Little Known Black History Fact: History of Town Criers

They may think we have no part in history besides slavery. These are some facts that are not taught and/or will never be taught in school. It’s best to step out of our comfort zone and explore the wonderful world wide web.

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A town crier is defined as “an officer of the court who makes public announcements and royal proclamations.” As early as the 15th and 16th century, the town crier was the main news source of the townspeople.

One of the first official American Town Criers was Peter Logan, a black slave who purchased his family’s freedom in the late 18th century. The former slave and ship carpenter set up a home for his family and became a respected member of society as Town Crier.

Logan’s family lived in their home with five other freed slaves. In addition to serving as Town Crier, Peter Logan operated his own boot and shoe black business. He also served as the Town Piper during Christmas.

In London, the first two Town Criers of the Forest City area to serve the townspeople were part of the 1830’s settlement of blacks. They…

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Tensions Fly After Trayvon Martin’s Murderer ‘George Zimmerman’ Found Not Guilty! [Video]

This is a complete outrage to say the least. I thought this was America and justice is suppose to be blind. We all know if the shoe were on the other foot what would have happened. This country we live in is not minority people friendly at all and it never has been and never will be. I’m anxious to see what happens next. As a mother of a 21 year old son I worry about him every time he goes out and I shouldn’t have to feel this way. White people will never understand the plight of the Black race. I’m embarrassed again to be an American.

We must remember we are not the ultimate judge in the end where it really matter.


They don’t really care about us

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Kirk Frost Jump Off Releases A Song About Being A Jump Off

Wow is all I can say for the song.  That broad was giving details on her skills.  On the real what decent woman would do that?  That’s some younger generation games, making a diss track.  In my opinion, Kirk can’t handle a strong woman like Rasheeda anyway and that’s why he picks the hoes.  It’s not like their business is not publicized, we all know he’s a married man.  My question is why would a woman stoop so low to sleep with Kirk knowing he’s clearly married and his wife is pregnant?  With all the doubling and tripling up in Atlanta I’m wondering if it’s man shortage going on or is this really scripted with all the fights and drama.

Love and Hip Hop in Atlanta  has kept me quite entertained to say the least.    If this mess is for real I hope Rasheeda makes the right decision on whether she wants to leave Kirk or not.  If they stay together they will need some serious counseling.  If they decide to part I hope Kirk will step up and be a better father than he is a husband.

The Urban Daily

Kirk Rasheeda Mary Jane

Welp! We knew it was just a matter of time before this happened and now hear it is…the jump off put out a song praising herself for being unseemly. And no doubt people will listen to it and in outrage (possibly even in like) will tell a friend who  will tell a friend and eventually this chick will take over the number one spot on some chart all because she messed with a pregnant woman’s man. 

Now we (thanks to ) are actually about to reward this chick by posting how crazy this song actually is! But here goes nothing…and we do mean nothing!



Yep see we told you. Basicness from a basic chick. 

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Mos Def’s Top 5 Acts Of Protest

5 Things To Say If You…

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